Simultaneous Identification of Spectral Properties and Sizes of Multiple Particles in Solution with Subnanometer Resolution


  • The need for a comprehensive and precise method to characterize essential properties of polydisperse nanoparticles directly in solution has remained unmet. Many nanoparticles have size-dependent optical properties that can be optimized for various applications. However, past techniques were limited in quality and resolution due to the significant variability in spectral properties of slightly different quantum dot (QD) species.


  • A novel technique based on analytical ultracentrifugation equipped with a multi-wavelength (MWL) detector has been introduced. This method allows for simultaneous measurement of UV/Vis spectra while hydrodynamically separating individual components in a mixture. By leveraging the two-dimensional spectrum analysis (2DSA), it enhances the data evaluation by simultaneously capturing the spectral properties of each species and providing high-resolution hydrodynamic analysis. The method was applied on a mixture of CdTe quantum dots, revealing detailed size, anisotropy, molar mass, and concentration of distinct species.


  • The innovative combination of analytical ultracentrifugation with MWL detection and 2DSA provides an unparalleled solution for characterizing nanoparticles in solution. This method, tested on CdTe QDs, displayed its capability to determine multiple properties of nanoparticles with exceptional resolution and accuracy, making it invaluable for a wide array of applications, including those involving quantum dots, metal nanoparticles, and carbon nanotubes.
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