AUC Academy

AUC Solutions is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, research, and education in the field of analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC). The academy's core mission is to promote the exploration, understanding, and application of AUC techniques in scientific research.

AUC is a powerful tool in biochemistry and polymer chemistry, utilized for the determination of size, shape, and interactions of macromolecules and nanoparticles. Despite its significant utility in the scientific community, the technique requires a high level of expertise for proper execution and interpretation of results.

Training for professional
AUC practitioners

AUC Solutions is committed to training our users in all aspects of analytical ultracentrifugation by imparting a broad spectrum of biophysical expertise. Our training is designed to help AUC practitioners to succeed with tasks covering diverse topics such as protocol development and experimental design strategies, problem-solving, and advanced data analytics. We can provide remote training using teleconferencing sessions, as well as on-site or through regularly offered workshops at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. Contact us to schedule your next training session or workshop.

Free Tutorials & Learning material

UltraScan Analysis Software Tutorials

UltraScan-III Tutorials

UltraScan-in-a-Box Tutorials

Adding a new user to the UltraScan-in-a-Box server (mp4 Video, 45 mins)

UltraScan Workshop Videos (approx. 3 hrs each)

UltraScan Workshop Session 1, 03/31/2021   Introduction to AUC and UltraScan

UltraScan Workshop Session 2, 04/07/2021   UltraScan basics and Sed. Veloc. Analysis I

UltraScan Workshop Session 3, 04/14/2021   Finite Element Modeling/Sed. Veloc. Analysis II

UltraScan Workshop Session 4, 04/21/2021   Experimental Design

UltraScan Workshop Session 5, 04/28/2021   Advanced Topics

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