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(edit) @41   4 years gegorbet gridctl mods for demeler3 cluster
(edit) @40   4 years gegorbet more time information in error,completion emails
(edit) @39   4 years gegorbet analType and other minor enhancements
(edit) @38   4 years gegorbet add taito-local cluster status logic
(edit) @37   5 years gegorbet gridctl mods for mysqli and aucsolutions, plus new text for crontabs …
(edit) @36   5 years gegorbet cluster status fix to insure queued,running counts are numeric
(edit) @35   5 years gegorbet mods mostly for use of mysqli
(edit) @34   5 years gegorbet fix update_notice.php for generalized package file and to use …
(edit) @33   5 years gegorbet fix PHP script to update notices, so that is uses 4.0, not 3.5
(edit) @32   5 years gegorbet gridctl updates, mostly for jetstream and 4.0
(edit) @31   5 years gegorbet global-fit and jetstream,stampede2 mods
(edit) @30   6 years gegorbet update_notice change to compare release to last package, not last committed
(edit) @29   6 years gegorbet gridctl refinement to handle *-local job cleanup
(edit) @28   6 years gegorbet fixes for alamo-local and airavata EXECUTING status
(edit) @27   6 years gegorbet fixes for ssh-airavata to jureca
(edit) @26   6 years gegorbet various minor fixes/mods to gridctl
(edit) @25   6 years gegorbet merge us3iab/airavata gridctl code
(edit) @24   7 years gegorbet further cleanup fixes to store proper AnalysisResultData? records
(edit) @23   7 years gegorbet fix to avoid extra AnalysisResultData? in cleanup, lonestar mods to …
(edit) @22   7 years gegorbet fix us3 baseon listen.php and status_ex=EXECUTING handling in gridctl.php
(edit) @21   7 years gegorbet correct base us3 directory in config file
(edit) @20   7 years gegorbet further minor mods for Airavata 0.16
(edit) @19   7 years gegorbet config template minor mods
(edit) @18   7 years gegorbet gridctl mods for Airavata 0.16 interface
(edit) @17   7 years gegorbet misc. fixes plus mods for new lonestar5 cluster
(edit) @16   8 years gegorbet gridctl fix to honor any form of *.stderr,*.stdout file name
(edit) @15   8 years gegorbet fixes, mainly for Jureca
(edit) @14   8 years gegorbet fix to skip all processing where task/job devel/prod do not match
(edit) @13   8 years gegorbet fix AIRA cleanup.php to update any mrecs record with modelID
(edit) @12   8 years gegorbet minor cluster status fix
(edit) @11   8 years gegorbet mods to cluster_status to use ssh commands to obtain queued/running counts
(edit) @10   8 years gegorbet fixes to allow simultaneous production/development jobs
(edit) @9   8 years gegorbet fix to handle ~us3/bin on different hosts
(edit) @8   8 years gegorbet fixes for PCSA with Airavata/Thrift?
(edit) @7   8 years gegorbet airvata/thrift, us3-listen, update_notice changes
(edit) @6   8 years gegorbet changes since 2013, mostly for airvata/thrift
(edit) @5   10 years us3 Include STDOUT in EOJ email
(edit) @4   11 years us3 Fixed status calculation and added GFAC message to email
(edit) @3   11 years us3 Added DONE status, check for other unknown statuses that are added
(edit) @2   11 years us3 Added exemption for listen-config.php
(add) @1   11 years zollarsd Initial import
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